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Honors Endowment

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Thank you for considering a contribution to the Honors Endowment. Your support will allow us, in a few seasons from now, to award The Dr. Ken Vorndran Honors Program Award. This award will empower students to meet their educational goals while maintaining a commitment to serving the college and community through volunteerism. It honors the Program’s beloved Lead Honors Coordinator Emeritus, Dr. Ken Vorndran, “Dr. V,” whose vision of scholarship, service, and leadership continues to guide our philosophies.

The awards range from $100 to $250 and provide Honors students with financial support for opportunities that inspire growth as a scholar or leader, or serve as a reward for those efforts. Examples include but are not limited to stipends to support student innovation, book awards, and rewards for exemplary service. For additional information please contact a member of the Foundation team at

Endowment gifts provide a stable source of long-term funding that supports Pima Community College students and programs. Your investment is generating ongoing earnings. Thank you for your generosity. Through Pima Community College Foundation, the Honors Endowment has been established to award the Dr. Ken Vorndran Honors Program Award to PCC Honors students. To electronically contribute to this fund, click on the orange “Invest Now” button.  If you prefer to make your contribution via personal check, please make check(s) payable to Pima Foundation and in the memo line add  Honors Endowment.

The mailing address for Pima Foundation is:

4905C E. Broadway Blvd, Suite 252, Tucson, AZ  85709.

If you are interested in learning how to establish a scholarship or endowment, please contact a member of the Foundation Team.