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PCC Nursing Student Luis Denogean Earns Two Pima Foundation Scholarships

Luis Denogean poses in the desert


JAN 21, 2021

Thursday before Pima Community College classes conclude for Fall 2020,
Luis Denogean has exams and what all comes with his third semester as a
Nursing student at Pima Community College. He is thinking ahead to a free day so he can go hiking in one of Tucson’s National Parks and photograph an iconic site with his eye for beauty and structure. Christmas is here but the holiday season has often had a cloud over it for Luis. It was thirteen years ago Luis’ mom passed away and Christmas was never the same. He and his brother were transported from their comfort zone in Mexico to living in Tucson with his aunt and uncle.

He is a grateful young person. A compassionate person. So much so that when his grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer, he knew he must go into the Medical and Health Care arena—Bio-Med, that would be his calling—maybe he will be part of team that cures cancer…or an MD. “No, docs don’t get to spend but 5 minutes or so with a patient”—plus the cost of a four-year degree in biology and medical school is unaffordable for a guy who will need to not only pave his own road but pay for it. Nursing. Nursing at PCC.

“It’s a great program and it was an offering I could afford or is at least more manageable (financially) than medical school.”

— Luis Denogean

“It’s a great program and it was an offering I could afford or is at least more manageable (financially) than medical school.” He dove into his core classes and kept busy with the PEERS Program for International students; he volunteered as a mentor, translator and friend to those away from home. In May/June of 2020, Luis applied for scholarship funds. Fall 2020 and for Spring 2021, Luis is the recipient of the John P. and Anna M. Edwards Scholarship for $1,000 each semester. He took advantage of Scholarship Universe, now available to PCC students, and a match to his application was made. He has ideas of what is next in not only his educational journey but professional setting. Luis plans to go straight into the workforce as a Registered Nurse, working on the frontline, while finding a Bachelor’s (and eventually a Master’s) program in Pediatric Oncology Nursing. Big dreams that include educational goals come at a price and Luis is willing to—wants to—put in the hours and find a way to make it all happen.

Pima Community College’s Nursing Program is one of the College’s leading programs regarding endowments and scholarships held at the Foundation. Through the community’s giving, $1,890,337 * has been invested for PCC students studying and planning for a career in nursing and other health care professions.

*This amount is based on the Foundation’s audit (activities statement) Fiscal Year 2019-2020.

Pima Foundation, established over 40 years ago, is committed to championing Pima Community College by cultivating relationships for lasting positive impact. The Foundation oversees a variety of endowments and funds for PCC, its programs and students. Community enterprises, families and individuals interested in investing in PCC student success should contact the Foundation for details on donating now and for the future.

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Marcy Euler, President
Pima Community College Foundation
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