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Steven D. Ditschler Memorial Scholarship Endowment

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Endowment gifts provide a stable source of long-term funding that supports Pima Community College students and programs. By investing your gift in an endowment, you’re helping generate ongoing earnings to support a thriving community. 

This fund was established to provide a source of funding for field archaeology students interested in a career in Southwestern field archaeology in memory of Steve Ditschler (1969 – 1918).  A Minnesota native and long-time Tucson resident, Steve attended the Pima Community College Archaeology Program during the late 1990’s.  During his time at Pima, he learned many fo the skills that would set him on the path to becoming an expert field archaeologist.  Steve worked on nearly every major excavation project in Tucson over the course of two decades, first honing his trowel on the ground and later as an accomplished backhoe archaeologist.  To honor his memory and to support future archaeology students who strive to enter the field of Cultural Resource Management (CRM), his friends and colleagues have set up this memorial scholarship.  We hope that Steve’s passion for archaeology, gracious manner and talents in the dirt will serve as a model for future professional Southwestern field archaeologists.

The Steven D. Ditschler Scholarship Endowment is a Foundation-managed endowment that provides scholarships to Pima Community College students.  Those considered eligible for the Steve D. Ditschler Scholarship must be PCC students who are enrolled either full-time or part-time in the Field Archaeology Certificate program.

Your support keeps students thriving. Thank you for your generosity. 

Contact Pima Foundation for more information about establishing a permanent endowment fund. Donations to Pima Foundation may be tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for more details. If you would like information about making a planned gift or bequest, please contact us at 520.206.4646.