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Four students in caps and gowns holding diplomas with red ribbons

M. F. Lucion

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Black, white and red Lucion logoGifts provided to scholarship funds help education stay accessible. They support deserving students throughout our community—often first-generation college students—seeking to achieve their goals through higher-education. By contributing to the M.F. Lucion Scholarship, you make this possible.

The M.F. Lucion Scholarship is a Foundation-managed scholarship that provides scholarship awards to Pima Community College students. Those considered eligible for the M.F. Lucion Scholarship must meet the following criteria:

  • PCC students enrolled full-time or part-time in any field of study
  • Must be a graduate of Desert View High School, Pueblo High School, or Sunnyside High School
  • Must maintain a 2.5 GPA or greater
  • Applicants must provide a copy of their high school diploma for verification

Your contribution is generating ongoing giving to PCC students. Thank you for your generosity. Through Pima Community College Foundation, the MF Lucion Scholarship has been established to award PCC students who have graduated from a designated Tucson high school. To electronically contribute to this fund, click on the orange “Contribute Now” button.  If you prefer to make your contribution via personal check, please make check(s) payable to Pima Foundation and in the memo line add  MF Lucion Scholarship.

The mailing address for Pima Foundation is:

4905C E. Broadway Blvd, Suite 252, Tucson, AZ  85709.

If you are interested in learning how to establish a scholarship or endowment, please contact a member of the Foundation Team.